Panasonic HC-WX970 4K Ultra-HD Camcorder
    Panasonic HC-WX970 4K Ultra-HD Camcorder
    The Panasonic HC WX970 is Panasonic's flagship 4K consumer camcorder. It has a several features that are unique to it and include not one but two cameras with the second one being mounted on the outer edge of the fold out screen. This allows you to video the subject and yourself or anything else that is in view from the second camera.

    The second lens is not 4k but another trick which the WX970 has is the ability to link vis WiFi to a mobile device like an iPhone or Android and use that as the second camera instead of the built in one. Now you can be recording from two completely different places at the same time so long as you can maintain a wireless connection.

    The Panasonic is also the first camera to feature real-time HDR or High Dynamic Range video but only in 1080p mode and not 4k. When filing in high contrast situations, HDR mode aims to give you footage that will be equally exposed even if parts of the scene would normally be either under exposed or over exposed by blending two different exposures together to get a balanced video.
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