Asus GTX760 2Go GDDR5 OC DirectCU2
    Asus GTX760 2Go GDDR5 OC DirectCU2
    Powering the latest DirectX® 11 PC gaming, the GeForce® GTX 760 DirectCU II OC offers customers excellent value. It runs 1072MHz maximum boost on the core and for video memory uses 2GB of 6008MHz GDDR5.

    The exclusive DirectCU II cooler has direct GPU-contact copper heatpipes to speed up heat removal, and maintains up to 20% cooler performance than reference. Its dual 80mm fans have been carefully tested to ensure minimized noise, running up to twice quieter than reference requirements. The fans are also dust-proof to reduce debris accumulation. They retain peak performance over a longer lifespan than generic fans.

    The card employs exclusive Direct Power architecture, which widens power delivery to offer greater graphics card stability and improved performance with diminished power latency and impedance. The PCB also operates at lower temperatures thanks to better heat spreading, with power routed through more channels than on traditional graphics card designs.

    Super Alloy Power components include solid state capacitors, concrete-core chokes, and MOSFETs that use durable materials to easily withstand high temperatures and heavy compute loads. They extend average graphics card longevity by 2.5 times compared to reference.

    The ASUS-exclusive GPU Tweak utility brings customers a unified and intuitive control center for overclocking and other tuning needs. Users can set up performance profiles for favorite games, change GPU and memory speeds, regulate fan operation, and define power consumption and heat thresholds.
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