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Ich war auf der Suche nach einer Foto-Galerie welche ein modernes Aussehen hat und vor allem eine Fullscrene Anzeige der Bilder in hoher Qualität ermöglicht. Ebenso müssen die Geotags auf einer Karte anzeigbar sein. Die Vorabinformationen haben mich überzeugt von der bisherigen Phoca Galerie zu der Datso Galerie zu wechseln. Da wir derzeit etwa 11500 Bilder online haben, hatte ich Angst vor diesem Schritt. Da es in der Datso Galerie jedoch einen Migrationspunkt für die automatische Übernahme der Phoca Galerie gab, machten wir diesen Schritt. Der Support hat uns bei vielen Anfragen bestens und sehr schnell perfekt weiter geholfen. Wir sind nun glücklich mit der DG und können das Produkt allen sehr empfehlen.

I was looking for a photo gallery with a modern look and a fullscrene display of the pictures in high quality. It must also be possible to display the geotags on a map. The preliminary information convinced me to switch from the previous Phoca Gallery to the Datso Gallery. Since we currently have about 11500 pictures online, I was fearful of this step. However, since there was a migration point in the Datso Gallery for the automatic takeover of the Phoca Gallery, we took this step. The support has helped us with many enquiries very quickly and perfectly. We are now happy with the DG and can highly recommend the product to everyone.
I've been using DatsoGallery on multiple websites for many years. One of my favorite projects was "PuzzleShow" - puzzleshow.com. It's an "old" site now, using an older version of DatsoGallery. For the amount of time I've spent using the component, I haven't needed much support. It's intuitive and functions very well - but when I have needed help, Andrey has always been quick with solutions. Many times it's not the program, it's "operator ignorance" - thanks Andrey!
J'utilise DatsoGallery depuis quelques années et je suis toujours grandement satisfaite de son fonctionnement. Mention spéciale pour le support client qui est excellent. Avec rapidité et professionnalisme Andrey Datso a corrigé les erreurs présentes dans l'environnement Joomla qui empêchaient le bon fonctionnement de DatsoGallery.
C'est parfait !
We normally don't write reviews but we were compelled to in this case. We chose Datso gallery for photo gallery after going through most of the available components as top quality features provided by Datso met our gallery requirements. Post installation, we had some issues with configuring it (our problems) the way we wanted. We were offered top quality support by Andrey, who was very knowledgable, patient and helpful with our queries. We highly recommend this product and it's support.