05.07.2020 - Version 3.6.2

  • Fixed issue with foreign images in Blacklist Manager (back-end)
  • Fixed bug on image editing page (front-end)

02.07.2020 - Version 3.6.1

  • Added a new cover type for the category «Trio» - 2 images with one leading (front-end)
  • Added menu item to display page with new images (front-end)
  • Added redirect to the main page of the site with an annoying message about the lack of a menu item for the main page of the gallery (front-end)
  • Fixed javascript conflict when using standard pagination (front-end)
  • Fixed transparent background for images with alpha channel (front-end)

14.06.2020 - Version 3.6.0

  • Complete reconstruction of routing! Now you can assign modules to the required gallery pages, redefine categories through the menu and more. Now DatsoGallery routing works correctly and logically (front-end)
  • Built-in «Captcha» completely rewritten. Now supported by «GD» and «Imagick» (front-end)
  • Added the ability to choose the built-in Captcha verification method, standard «arbitrary 4 characters» or mathematical «2+3=?» (back-end)
  • Added «reCaptcha v3» (front-end/back-end)
  • Added function to converting first letter in the image file name when uploading into the uppercase (front-end/back-end)
  • Added function to replacing the underscore in the image file name when uploading to a space (front-end/back-end)
  • Added 2 second delay for disappearing next/previous navigation on the image details page (front-end)
  • Editing/deleting image buttons now works by ajax requests (front-end)
  • Added beautiful «slit-out» effect when deleting an image on a user's page (front-end)
  • French is officially included in the component installation package (front-end/back-end)
  • Fixed conversion of JPEG images to progressive for «Imagick» (front-end/back-end)
  • Fixed automatic meta description function based on the category/image description (front-end)
  • Fixed saving meta descriptions of categories/images (back-end)
  • Fixed coded spaces «%20» in the names of images when uploading (front-end/back-end)
  • Fixed «undefined variable» after restoring default settings (front-end)
  • Fixed and improved image output functionality when using «Infinite pagination» (front-end)
  • Fixed issue with backslashes in language constants (front-end/back-end)
  • Improved meta data output of category/image (front-end)
  • Improved the fixed «action bar». Now it smoothly disappears when scrolling down and appears at the slightest scrolling up. Very convenient for mobile devices (front-end)
  • Removed obsolete "keywords" parameter from the category/image editing form (back-end)
  • Fixed and updated all the available DatsoGallery modules and plugins due to updated routing in the component

01.06.2020 - Version 3.5.9

  • Rewritten "Elapsed Time" functionality for compatibility with all languages (front-end/back-end)

31.05.2020 - Version 3.5.8

  • Fixed a bug (Serialization of 'SimpleXMLElement' is not allowed) when Joomla caching system is enabled (front-end)

29.05.2020 - Version 3.5.7

  • Added support Imagemagick (php Imagick) for image processing with the ability to select GD or Imagemagick library if both libraries are installed and enabled on the server (front-end/back-end)
  • Added support for BMP image files (front-end/back-end)
  • Added transparency grid for PNG images with alpha channel (front-end)
  • Replaced javascript library "Gridzy 2" by "Macy" due to performance problems (front-end)
  • Fixed and improved image caching functionality. Now the photo gallery become much faster (front-end/back-end)
  • Fixed error "0 - Failed to get image size data" (front-end)
  • Fixed problem when creating user's categories (front-end)
  • Fixed problem of previewing animated gifs when using Infinite pagination (front-end)
  • Fixed guest comment form in MS Edge browser (front-end)
  • Improved JPEG/JPG image file compression functionality (front-end/back-end)
  • Improved built-in Captcha in the form of complaints (front-end)

16.04.2020 - Version 3.5.6

  • Improved system for extracting EXIF/IPTC/XMP data from JPEG images (front-end/back-end)
  • Improved logic for adding and saving tags (front-end/back-end)
  • Improved image upload form (back-end)
  • Improved image upload security (front-end/back-end)
  • Fixed the problem of saving tags when uploading images (back-end)

15.04.2020 - Version 3.5.5

  • Added temporary folder parameter (back-end)
  • Fixed installer compatibility check (back-end)
  • Fixed several language constants in English (front-end)

30.03.2020 - Version 3.5.4

  • Added comment approval notification functionality (back-end)
  • Fixed and improved members page (front-end)
  • Fixed and improved comments approval (front-end/back-end)
  • Fixed links in email notifications (back-end)
  • Fixed avatar image height (front-end)
  • Fixed sticky block on the page of image details (front-end)
  • Fixed image report form (front-end)

27.03.2020 - Version 3.5.3

  • The installer is improved due to the additional functionality of checking for compatibility of outdated DatsoGallery extensions. During component installation in automatic or manual mode, outdated extensions will be disabled with the requirement to update them. (back-end)

24.03.2020 - Version 3.5.2

  • Fixed fatal error during automatic update (back-end)

23.03.2020 - Version 3.5.1

  • Fixed path for storing images in WebP format (back-end)
  • A few cosmetic fixes (front-end/back-end)

21.03.2020 - Version 3.5.0

  • Сomplete redesign was produced of the component front-end and partially back-end. So, if in the previous version component overrides were used, they are strongly recommended to be revised (front-end/back-end)
  • Changed the image processing method and structure of their storage. Now the processed images will not be deleted with every Joomla update, since now you can set a specific directory for their storage (front-end/back-end)
  • Replaced Javascript library "Fotorama" with a more modern and flexible "Fancybox 3" (front-end)
  • Now you can open images in the modal window "Fancybox 3" directly from the category (front-end)
  • Replaced Javascript library "Isotope" with a more attractive "Gridzy 2" (front-end)
  • Replaced Javascript library "Charts" with modern and interactive "ApexCharts" for visualizing data on graphs and charts (front-end/back-end)
  • Comments functionality has been completely rewritten. Comments have now become "live" (front-end)
  • Functions image share, view on map and complains now displayed in a modal window (front-end)
  • Added PHP 7.4 support (front-end/back-end)
  • Improved functions image download and batch downloading of favorite images (front-end)
  • Improved image upload functionality (front-end/back-end)
  • Huge security work done (front-end/back-end)
  • Huge optimization work done (front-end/back-end)

11.02.2019 - Version 3.4.4

  • Added functionality for extracting color palettes from image files with the subsequent search for images relevant to a given color. This functionality works in full automatic mode, you just need to turn it on and set the number of colors for the color palette in the component settings. Everything else, the component will do itself (front-end/back-end)
  • Added a color palette on the image details page (front-end)
  • A new page has been added to display and search for color-relevant images. Demonstration (front-end)
  • Added functionality for compressing ordinary image files to WebP format, while preserving the physical image extensions with support for the fallback in case the browser does not support WebP format. It will be useful to those who are not worried about disk quota and are serious about optimizing their website. I've been interested in this format for quite a long time, but I didn't dare to include it in DatsoGallery because of the meager support of this format by browsers, despite requests from existing and potential customers. Since the end of January 2019, this format is supported by almost all major browsers (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, ...), it was decided to add support for this format (front-end/back-end)
  • Added support for PHP 7.3+ (front-end/back-end)
  • Added "Progressive JPEG" parameter (back-end)
  • Added "Cleaning color palettes" functionality (back-end)
  • Added "WebP Cleaning" functionality for cleaning the directory with images in WebP format (back-end)
  • Added "Cleaning Cache" functionality for cleaning the directory (cache) with images in normal formats (back-end)
  • Fixed problem with image aliases, if an alias already exists and file name contains only numbers (front-end/back-end)
  • Improved general image processing functionality (front-end/back-end)
  • Several other amendments and improvements (front-end/back-end)

27.11.2018 - Version 3.4.3

  • Fixed a critical error where any unregistered user can delete any comment. Error applies to versions 3.4.1 and 3.4.2 (front-end)

27.11.2018 - Version 3.4.2

  • The ip-api.com service has been changed to a more accurate and supporting free-of-charge SSL protocol - ipgeolocation.io, which used in Comments and Blacklist managers. API key can be obtained absolutely free of charge on at ipgeolocation.io, you just need to register by selecting "DEVELOPER" subscription. The obtained key must be inserted into "IP Geolocation API Key" parameter of a component and saved. Note: "DEVELOPER" subscription is limited to 50K requests per month for one key. (back-end)

26.11.2018 - Version 3.4.1

  • Added functionality for automatic control of server allocated memory. When more memory is required to perform a specific task, script will try to automatically increase memory if server rules allow it. Otherwise, a system out-of-memory message appears. (font-end/back-end)
  • Added icons in the form of profiling (font-end)
  • Added button "Upload images" as "Plus" icon at the top of the gallery (font-end)
  • Added ability to delete comments by user (font-end)
  • Fixed reCaptcha bypass issue in comments if javascript is disabled in the user's browser (font-end)
  • Fixed bug of applying generic data in upload form (font-end)
  • Fixed creating user categories when using Falang component (font-end)
  • Fixed icon for image tags (font-end)
  • Fixed replacement original image icon (back-end)
  • Fixed settings for categories and images in category (font-end)
  • Fixed and improved functionality of viewing data by ip-addresses in comments and blacklists (back-end)
  • Improved field for entering date of birth in form of profiling (font-end)
  • Several other fixes and improvements (font-end/back-end)

25.09.2018 - Version 3.4.0

  • Added the ability to select a language when creating a new category for multilingual sites (front-end)
  • Fixed image title bug during upload process (front-end / back-end)
  • Several fixes were made for compatibility with PHP 7.2.8+ (front-end / back-end)

13.09.2018 - Version 3.3.9

  • Fixed a minor bug related to the new "individual category cover" option (front-end)

10.09.2018 - Version 3.3.8

  • Added the ability to select a language when uploading/editing images for multilingual sites, as well as disabling this option in the required areas of the gallery (front-end/back-end)
  • Added the ability to select an individual cover for a category on the page of creating/editing a category (back-end)
  • Several html/css corrections and improvements (front-end/back-end)

19.06.2018 - Version 3.3.7

  • Added schema markup Schema.org on the image details page (front-end)
  • Added a new element "Flash" in Exif data. There are 2 types of flash information to display: simple and extended (front-end)
  • Added parameter for element "Flash" (back-end)
  • Added nice "Zoom In" effect on image hovering. Effect available on the pages: category, search, tags, favorites and user profile page (front-end)
  • Fixed bugs when using standard Joomla multilanguage (front-end)
  • Fixed bug with image deleting on the image details page (front-end)
  • Fixed display of "Download Image" icon when "Options" icon is pressed on the image details page (front-end)
  • Fixed issue the of file names with special characters in zip-archive when batch downloading from the page "My favorites" (front-end)
  • Significantly improved search form with icons at the top of the gallery (front-end)
  • Several html/css corrections and improvements (front-end/back-end)

10.06.2018 - Version 3.3.6

  • Added functionality of batch images processing: moving, copying, replacing/assigning access level and language (back-end)
  • Added functionality of batch categories processing: moving, copying, replacing/assigning access level and language (back-end)
  • Added functionality that notifies users via e-mail about approving uploaded images (back-end)
  • Added image approval status button on user profile page (front-end)
  • Added grayscale filter for images pending approval on user profile page (front-end)
  • Added the ability to display a category title with a link under the images on the pages: search, tags, favorites and user profile (front-end)
  • Fixed bug when creating a copy of an image (back-end)
  • Fixed bug when using the "Thumbnails" in navigation on image details page (front-end)
  • Fixed bug when displaying information icons (front-end)
  • Fixed access level bug for related images on image details page (front-end)
  • Fixed access level bug for images on profile page (front-end)
  • Improved button add to favorites (front-end)
  • Improved edit/delete image option button (front-end)
  • Significantly improved user profile page (front-end)
  • Several html/css corrections and improvements (front-end/back-end)

05.05.2018 - Version 3.3.5

  • Added 6 new parameters for displaying categories blocks (front-end/back-end)
  • Added a new parameter for permanent display image info and exif data (site)
  • Fixed issue of the categories publication date (front-end/back-end)
  • Fixed issue of the images publication date (front-end/back-end)
  • Fixed issue of displaying the category name when using FaLang (front-end)
  • Fixed issue of image deletion (front-end)
  • Fixed a typo in the language constant (back-end)
  • Fixed displaying of categories blocks on the main page of the gallery (front-end)
  • Fixed displaying of categories blocks on the search results page (front-end)
  • Several html/css corrections and improvements (front-end/back-end)

20.02.2018 - Version 3.3.4

  • Fixed install issue on MariaDB database servers (back-end)

09.02.2018 - Version 3.3.3

  • Added categories tree view in upload form (front-end/back-end)
  • Fixed the problem of creating members categories in upload form (front-end)
  • Fixed dates of creation/change of comments/tags, relative to "Server time zone" (front-end/back-end)
  • Fixed displaying the date of adding categories/images/comments, relative to "Server time zone" (front-end/back-end)
  • Several other improvements and optimizations (front-end/back-end)

06.02.2018 - Version 3.3.2

  • Added compatibility PHP 7.2 (front-end/back-end)
  • Added search tools in Categories Manager (back-end)
  • Added search tools in Comments Manager (back-end)
  • Added search tools in Black List Manager (back-end)
  • Added the ability to process the description of the main page, category and image details page by any Joomla Content plugins (inserting videos, images, modules, joomla articles, etc.), which will help to further expand the functionality of DatsoGallery (front-end/back-end)
  • Added missing language constant in Comments Manager (back-end)
  • Added "Popup Confirmation" on deleting one or more categories (back-end)
  • Added parameters for the beginning and ending the category publication (back-end)
  • Rating counters are separated now in the image info bar (front-end)
  • Fixed the problem of routing revealed in Joomla 3.8.4, however, already in Joomla 3.8.5 this error has been fixed (front-end)
  • Fixed order of images at uploading (front-end/back-end)
  • Fixed problem of deleting tags when editing images (front-end/back-end)
  • Fixed problem in infinite pagination if the parameter "Offset" is set to 0 (front-end)
  • Fixed the problem of changing the order of nested categories, exceeding the third level in the Categories Manager (back-end)
  • Fixed comments form when user is blocked (front-end)
  • Fixed form creation/editing category (back-end)
  • Fixed dates of creation/changing of category, relative to "Server time zone" (front-end/back-end)
  • Fixed dates of adding/changing the image, relative to "Server time zone" (front-end/back-end)
  • Fixed date of adding a comment relative to "Server time zone" (front-end/back-end)
  • Optimized "Dashboard" page loading (back-end)
  • Improved profile page (front-end)
  • Many other improvements (front-end/back-end)

20.10.2017 - Version 3.3.1

  • Added new feature Related Images by tags on the page of image detais (front-end)
  • Added relevant parameters for Related Images functionality (back-end)
  • Added the ability to enable/disable the visual editor in the image editing form (front-end)
  • Added the Select2 library to the uploading and editing forms. Now, the choice of category become significantly flexible (front-end/back-end)
  • Fixed the problem of saving the image author's name and links to the author's site in the uploading and editing forms (front-end/back-end)
  • Fixed and improved functionality expand/collapse image description on the page of image detais (front-end)
  • Fixed display of buttons: Share, Map and More on mobile devices (front-end)
  • Fixed image download functionality on the page of image detais (front-end)
  • Fixed link to image author's site if http:// is missing (front-end)
  • Updated JomSocial plugin to the version 4.4.5 (front-end)
  • DatsoGallery integration functionality has been improved in JomSocial. Now, the cleared Joomla cache does not affect the JomSocial Activity page (front-end/back-end)
  • Improved navigation Prev/Next on the page of image detais. Now, navigation appears on the image for a few seconds, and then fades out. This will help to eliminate double-clicking on a tablet or mobile devices (front-end)
  • Other HTML/CSS enhancements and adjustments (front-end/back-end)

04.10.2017 - Version 3.3.0

  • Added support for reCAPTCHA in comments (front-end)
  • Added parameters for reCAPTCHA: public key, secret key, theme, size (back-end)
  • Added JomSocial integration: avatar with a link the to user's profile page, activities, user's points (front-end/back-end)
  • Added parameter to enable/disable DatsoGallery activities in JomSocial (back-end)
  • Added parameter to set maximum number of images per JomSocial activity (back-end)
  • Created new "DatsoGallery Latest Images" plugin for JomSocial (front-end)
  • Added support for avatar from Community Builder with a link the to user's profile page (front-end/back-end)
  • Added support for avatar from Kunena with a link the to user's profile page (front-end/back-end)
  • Added "Online" badge on avatars (front-end/back-end)
  • Added new feature which allows the downloads favorited images in a single zip-file on the favorites page (front-end)
  • Added parameter to enable/disable favorites downloads (back-end)
  • Added search form on image detail page (front-end)
  • Added button with a nice badge, informing the user about the number of images they have collected with a link to favorites page. The button is displayed automatically relatively to the number of images collected by user (front-end)
  • Added CSS-based technique to stretching images. That helps to keep the appropriate view of the photo gallery in case some of the images are too small (front-end)
  • Fixed and improved feature to display and loading animated GIF images (front-end)
  • Improved built-in avatar (front-end/back-end)
  • Improved Gravatar service (front-end/back-end)
  • Increased icon add/remove favorite images (front-end)
  • Optimized database queries (front-end/back-end)
  • Many other optimizations and improvements (front-end/back-end)

05.06.2017 - Version 3.2.9

  • Fixed bug "undefined method DatsogalleryViewImages::sortCategory()" (back-end)

02.06.2017 - Version 3.2.8

  • Fixed a bug related to the functionality of the package Content Plugin (front-end/back-end)
  • Fixed search form (front-end)
  • The Image Manager section has been rewritten. Thanks to Joomla filter system, images management become more flexible and efficient (back-end)
  • Database tables are optimized. Now a component and its complements works much faster (front-end/back-end)
  • Other improvements (front-end/back-end)

07.05.2017 - Version 3.2.7

  • Fixed issue of displaying the watermark parameter in the component settings (back-end)

26.04.2017 - Version 3.2.6

  • Fixed problem of determining the exact location on the map when manually editing an image (front-end/back-end)

05.04.2017 Version 3.2.5

  • Fixed subcategories order (front-end)
  • Fixed saving categories order (back-end)
  • Fixed displaying the selected block in the image manager when changing the order (back-end)
  • Fixed css-class for Captcha (front-end)
  • Fixed php-warning when editing a comment (back-end)
  • Updated php-style for Captcha (front-end)
  • Other improvements (front-end/back-end)

05.04.2017 - Version 3.2.4

  • Fixed pagination bug in category view (front-end)
  • Fixed bug displaying meta data in category view (front-end)

02.04.2017 - Version 3.2.3

  • Fixed error displaying images in Fotorama (front-end)
  • Fixed css-class for the correct display of images in mobile devices from the Google Chrome browser (front-end)
  • Fixed php-notification of an undefined variable on the image details page (front-end)

28.03.2017 - Version 3.2.2

  • Added parameter "Allow HTML", which allow to display formatted text in the image description on the page of image details (back-end)
  • Fixed parameters for the image details page (front-end)
  • Added missing language constant for "LOAD MORE IMAGES" (front-end)

25.03.2017 - Version 3.2.1

  • Added full RTL support for Hebrew and/or Arabic (front-end/back-end)
  • Added the basic parameters for Fotorama library (back-end)
  • Added parameter Offset for Infinite pagination (back-end)
  • Fixed the issue of adding tags when editing an image, if Geotagging is disabled (back-end)
  • Fixed the issue of displaying a category if empty (front-end)
  • Fixed the issue of displaying individual metadata for a single category (front-end)
  • A component was redesigned (front-end/back-end)
  • Replaced icons (front-end/back-end)
  • Replaced javascript library Shadowbox by Fotorama (front-end/back-end)
  • Moved parameter Pagination type to the Options tab (back-end)
  • Other improvements (front-end/back-end)

25.02.2017 - Version 3.2.0

  • Added type of image navigation functionality for a page of image details with an appropriate parameter to choice Arrows/Thumbs (front-end/back-end)
  • Added DNSBL functionality to combat comments spam with a lot of personal settings (front-end/back-end)
  • Added Downloads functionality with personal settings (front-end/back-end)
  • Added Overrides CSS functionality, that allows you to make personal improvements/changes in the component design, without affecting the official css-files, that frees you from the constant editing the css-files after each update (front-end/back-end)
  • Moved parameters AddThis buttons into the tab Views -> Image View (back-end)
  • Greatly improved modal window functionality with a lot of personal settings. Now the slideshow more attractive by viewing images in real full device screen, Swipe support, and for dessert, support Ken Burns effect when viewing the slideshow automatically (front-end/back-end)
  • Moved Transliteration functionality to the component settings that allows you to perform the desired settings once and without future loss after each update (front-end/back-end)
  • Many other improvements (front-end/back-end)

13.02.2017 - Version 3.1.9

  • Added parameters for limiting words in the descriptions (front-end)
  • Added parameter need approval for comments (back-end)
  • Added notification buttons on the profile page (front-end)
  • Added parameter image position on the page of image details: left, center and right (back-end)
  • Added parameter watermark size (back-end)
  • Added parameter watermark offset (back-end)
  • Added parameter watermark transparency (back-end)
  • Added new tab with parameter restore default component settings (back-end)
  • Fixed bug of extracting image file name when geotagging is disabled (back-end)
  • Fixed bug in rating system (front-end)
  • Fixed bug when trying to move comments into the trash (back-end)
  • Fixed bug when attempting to registered user send a comment when captcha is enabled (front-end)
  • Fixed the link to the page of image details in the notification by email (back-end)
  • Fixed button open in a modal window on the page of image details (front-end)
  • Added missing language constants on the profile page (front-end)
  • Added missing language constants for icons HOT! (front-end)
  • On the profile page replaced a tabular layout by flexbox (front-end)
  • Rewritten watermark functionality (front-end/back-end)
  • Improved the component installer (back-end)
  • Many other improvements (front-end/back-end)

26.01.2017 - Version 3.1.8

  • Added 7 new parameters for image editing in front-end (back-end)
  • Added 9 new parameters for the generic form on uploading in front-end (back-end)
  • Added 5 new parameters for the individual form on uploading in front-end (back-end)
  • Added a number of inspections during installation/update for compliance the server configuration with the system requirements for the correct operation of DATSO.FR products. At the slightest non-compliance, in order to avoid unexpected results, the component will not be installed. (back-end)
  • Fixed elements start and pause in the shadowbox (front-end/back-end)
  • Fixed bug obj.title undefined when viewing ip-data in the shadowbox (back-end)

23.01.2017 - Version 3.1.7

  • Added functionality to control image views by ip-address (front-end)
  • Added date/time format parameters (back-end)
  • Added search parameters (back-end)
  • Added parameter to enable/disable control image views (back-end)
  • Added many parameters for shadowbox modal window (back-end)
  • Added parameters to show/hide the info bar with icons (back-end)
  • Significantly changed and improved the appearance of the shadowbox modal window (front-end/back-end)
  • Completely rewritten functional to display date/time (front-end/back-end)
  • Improved captcha functionality (front-end)
  • Changed captcha font file (front-end)
  • Improvements in the code (front-end/back-end)

18.01.2017 - version 3.1.6

  • Added double check on the validity of the e-mail addresses in the comments in real time (front-end)
  • Added function to determine the plural and singular numbers for image views (front-end)
  • Added parameter to protect the upload folder (front-end/back-end)
  • Added max. width and height allowed for uploaded images (front-end/back-end)
  • Added parameter chunk size for chunked file uploads (front-end/back-end)
  • Added check for GPS coordinates (front-end)
  • Added missing language constants likes/dislikes (front-end)
  • Fixed displaying date and time in the exif data (front-end)
  • Fixed rating system (front-end)
  • Improved comment system (front-end)
  • Improved complaints system (front-end)

15.01.2017 - Version 3.1.5

  • Fixed tags saving when editing image (back-end)

12.01.2017 - Version 3.1.4

  • Captcha support added in the form of a complaint to protect against spam (front-end)

12.01.2017 - Version 3.1.3

  • Added functionality to use the new DatsoGallery Redirect Plugin (front-end)

11.01.2017 - Version 3.1.2

  • Added functionality to use the new Content Plugin (back-end)
  • Fixed integration with Twitter and Facebook (front-end)

04.01.2017 - Version 3.1.1

  • Added a message "Upload completed successfully but must be checked by the administrator" (front-end)
  • Added additional order options for categories and images in category (front-end/back-end)
  • Fixed order of the images in the slideshow on the page of image details (front-end)

03.01.2017 - Version 3.1.0

  • Fixed SQL error on main gallery page (front-end)

02.01.2017 - Version 3.0.8

  • Added button to delete the image on the page of image details (front-end)
  • Added the ability to automatically assign default category for uploadable images on condition that the "Members categories" disabled and in "Allowed categories" selected only one category (front-end)
  • Added an excellent solution ( 301 Moved Permanently ) for deleted categories / images from the gallery (front-end)
  • Fixed a bug in Phoca2Datso migration, associated with the absence of the originals in Phoca (back-end)
  • Fixed a bug in the number of images in category after Phoca2Datso migration (back-end)
  • Fixed issue on uploading images: "Invalid or missing image mime type!" when both of php-functions "finfo_open()" and "mime_content_type()" are disabled (front-end / back-end)
  • Fixed bugs in email notifications (front-end)
  • Fixed bugs in access levels (front-end)
  • Fixed and improved comments form (front-end)
  • Fixed like / dislike buttons on the pages: category, favorites, search, tags (front-end)

21.12.2016 - Version 3.0.7

  • Added migration PhocaGallery 4 to DatsoGallery 3+ (back-end)
  • Other improvements (front-end/back-end)

14.12.2016 - Version 3.0.6

  • Added ability to change the original image file (back-end)
  • Added parameter to show/hide the link to the author's website in the footer

13.12.2016 - Version 3.0.5

  • Added checking for the presence of the directory for the original image files (back-end)
  • Added checking for write permissions to the directory with the original image files (back-end)
  • Added checking for the presence of .htaccess file in the directory with the original image files, when parameter protect originals is enabled (back-end)
  • Fixed path for small images in the image manager (back-end)
  • Fixed bug in the menu item to a specific category (front-end)
  • Fixed redirection after uploading (front-end)
  • Other improvements (front-end/back-end)

08.12.2016 - Version 3.0.4

  • Fixed bug on the favorites page

08.12.2016 - Version 3.0.3

  • Added functionality for automatic products updates from Joomla! Update.

06.12.2016 - Version 3.0.2

  • Fixed images display after uploading. Related to actions approve/unapprove in categories manager.
  • Fixed terms display on the upload page when parameter show terms is disabled.

01.12.2016 - Version 3.0.0

  • Initial release