Reviews - Datso Gallery

There is a lot of review here to complain about this extension. And that's why I want to submit a review here to give the fact to other Joomla user who are considering to buy this extension.
Those complain is either related to some wish features which is already stated by the author clearly, is not yet included in author webpage. If Author stated clearly before, the potential customer can simply do their "homework" whether this extension suit them or not. the author should not being complained.

Or, more often, other user complain about extension assistance only be given after subscription.

I bought this software and initially just purchase one month subscription. Instead of searching solution forum for days (which I think many user experiences a lot from other commerical extension), I can get the exact answers within one working day, together with enough illustration of graphics aids. You can move on and get your web done quickly.

Guys, it is a very fair deal. Why you use Joomla, it is because you want to set up your website fast.

Is 20 Euro really a big deal to you? Guys, Your time is even more valuable and if you finally find an extension like Datso Gallery and you find it suits your page. Make the subscription now, the author is a man who you can trust on and you will get what you planned to have.
I have tried almost every joomla photo gallery, paid and free. I decided on Datso because of the professional elegant look and feel.

The backend has a nice Joomla looking layout so you won't have to spend much time trying to understand a new component. The settings are well laid out and easy to understand.

The front end is very nicely laid out. It's really nice to finally have a nice non joomla looking photo gallery. The uploader also looks very nice and works extremely well. Very nice commenting system built in which sends emails to user when comments are made.

The support I have received has been excellent. I had some custom work done at a very reasonable price.

There are a few things which I feel could be better. It has a basic tagging system which is not connected to search. A lot of time goes into tagging pics. It would be a good idea to be able to search for those tags.

Options for diffent pops up like high slide, etc...

Drag and drop picture ordering on the front end would be helpful.

All in all I found this to be a very nice gallery and it keeps getting better the more I play with it.
After reading some bad review, I was in dilemma to purchase product. After some presale question with Andrey I qot quick and clear response and I buy subscription for one month. I have small problem with upload pictures from frontend, and Andrey resolve express my problem.
PRO: Great and nice looking component, with lot of possibilities
CONS: No discount on renewal for one month subscription
I purchased the Datso Gallery about 2 weeks ago but only started to work with it yesterday. I never wrote a review before and after reading some of the comments here I thought I had to publicly give some credit to Andrey Datso who really deserves it.

Datso is by far the best gallery component I ever had, and this is not an exaggeration. I bought the premium account for one month, and I honestly felt bad after that looking at the amount of work the publisher has put on this excellent component. I thought that 20 Euros are really nothing if you look at what you get. This is the kind of work where you feel that the publisher really deserves to get rewarded with more money for his work.

1) Datso gallery is packed with features and options that let you do just about anything. The description list on this page is exactly what you get.
2) Yes you have to «play» a bit to discover all what you can do as you have so many options. But to me, that’s a great advantage to have all this possibilities. Although I’m more a designer than a Joomla pro, I did not encounter any problem. Everything is clear and to answer some comments here, I personally didn’t need any extra documentation.
3) As I mentioned before, being a designer made me appreciate even more the quality of this component. Let me just say that this is the first time I did not have to do any change on the CSS files. Everything to me was just perfect. Clean and neat. What a change!

Mr Datso, congratulations and keep up your excellent work! Some of us really appreciate your efforts.