Reviews - Datso Gallery

I had a problem with the installation but Andrey took the time to understand the issue and sort things out. The problem was nothing to do with the extension but the support was superb.

The extension itself is excellent with the wealth of functionality, easy to understand and use.
I found the software to be incredible and am still stunned that one can obtain such fabulous programming and function for the mere price of a little support.

Yes I did need a little bit of help but relatively minor and it was delivered clear and easy to carry out.

The videos provided step you through the process of setting up and in the honor of disclosure.. had I watched the last one more closely I would have actually avoided the need for much help at all. (and what I did ask for was some customization tips)

Bravo.. I totally recommend this software. It's brilliant and the support is polite, exact and exemplary.
With latest version Datso Gallery become full responsive, so finaly, pictures from my web site are full optimized on mobile devices.

Also now Gallery has multiple pricing for various size downloads.

As I see, Andrey (author of component) listen to customer’s wishes and always improve Datso Gallery with new possibilities.

At end, Help is very fast and extraordinary.

If I have problem, I open support ticket and problem is very fast resolved

Andrey, keep up good work and made Joomla best CMS
Excellent Extension and great support.
I got this extension a few months ago, out of the box it done 90% of everything I needed. It was excellent value for money and very well coded.
I needed a New Mod to complete the function for my website. Andrey replied to my question on the same day and is built me a custom mod for a very reasonable price. Also in a very fast time frame. I could not ask for better. I highly recommend this extension if you need a gallery, there is really nothing else close to its features and if there is something else you need it to do, just ask him.